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Doctors and the Hippocratic Oath just go together like Turner and Hooch.  That analogy makes as little sense as it does to keep harping on the Hippocratic Oath as a rite of passage for graduating physicians.  There's plenty of myth to dispel here.

Fortunately we won't go it alone. This week we are joined by physician and author, Dr. Brian Elliott who has written a book examining several traditions--such as this oath--in the world of medicine.  His book is called White Coat Ways: A History of Medical Traditions and Their Battle with Progress and will be released tomorrow on January 27th, 2023 (pre-order now).  We reviewed a chapter of his book on the topic and Brian joined us on this episode to dispel some common beliefs about the oath and the reasons we might not want to use it anymore. 

Article featured on the and op-ed section

Questioning Medical Traditions

"That's the way we've always done it" shouldn't cut it for a field that prides itself on evidence

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In this episode, we join Dr. Brian Elliott, chief resident of internal medicine and medical historian extraordinaire to discuss the history of residency in medicine and The Match! We discuss everything from the foundations of medical training in ancient times to unwrapping the often confusing background of why residency is the way it is. No matter what stage of training you are, be sure to listen in: one day you may learn from these facts to make a better system for everyone!

Guest and Author, Dr. Brian Elliott shares his intel on how we tend to cling to traditions in the medical field as well as how we can forge a path forward. We talk about his book, White Coat Ways: A History of Medical Traditions and Their Battle with Progress.

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